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Business Solar Solutions

Whether you are upgrading your existing equipment or transitioning to solar energy, you can find the panels, inverters, battery storage devices and installation/maintenance services you need from My Solar Solutions Business.

Business Solutions

What type of Solar Solution Do You Need?

Choosing the right solar system for your business is an important first step.

Too many panels will eat into the savings you can make and too few might not meet your energy needs. Here's a rough guide.

* 2020 Statistics of average use according to Ofgem

On Grid

By connecting to the grid, you can sell excess power and reduce electricity costs, enhancing sustainability while enjoying financial incentives and reliable energy supply.


The perfect synergy of reliability and sustainability. These systems combine grid-tied and off-grid capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted power, reduced bills and environmental responsibility.

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Industry Leading
Light weight Panels

Half PERC Panel front & back_edited.png

Half Cell PERC Panels

Rated Power: 

  • 420W (1754mm x 1096mm x 30mm)

  • 460W (2094mm x 1038mm x 35mm)

  • 550W (2279mm x 1134mm x 35mm)

Inverters and Batteries

Connecting Solar Energy to Your Business

Your solar panels are great for harvesting the natural energy of the sun. But how does it get from the roof panels, into your power system?


That's where the inverters and batteries get to work.


Here's how.


A solar inverter is an essential part of a solar system, converting the direct current electricity created by the solar panels into alternating current for use in homes and businesses.


Solar storage batteries are used to store the excess energy produced by your solar panels, allowing it to be used at night or when there is not enough sun for the system to generate electricity.

Growatt Hybrid Inverter
3.5w & 5w

Output Voltage: 220/230 Vac

Single Phase: L/N/PE; 50/60hZ

Inverter 3, 5 & 10 kw.png

Growatt On-Grid Inverter
3w & 5w

Output Voltage: 220/230 Vac

Single Phase: L/N/PE; 50/60hZ

Power Supply Lithium Battery.jpg

Power Supply
Rosen Hybrid

Type: Lithium Battery

Capacity: 48V 200Ah


Battery Module
Rosen Hybrid

Type: Lithium Battery

Capacity: 48kwh

System Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Find system-specific technical information and diagrams.

Use the tabs to browse different systems.

Complete Solar Solutions

Going green is the way of the future – and with our complete solar solution packages, you can start today! Our packages include everything you need to power your business with sustainable energy – from solar panels and inverters to batteries and professional installation services.


No technical knowledge is required – just sit back and let our experienced professionals take care of every step from designing your system to helping you get up and running. Not only will you be doing your part for a greener future, but you'll also save money in the long run by using clean energy instead of paying for electricity.


Join the green revolution now with our complete solar solution packages for businesses and make a positive difference in both your bottom line and the environment.

Home Office Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Installation & Maintenance

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your energy costs, and our team of experts can help you every step of the way.

We offer installation and maintenance services to make sure your solar panel system is always up and running.

Solar Panels Technician


My Solar Solutions is a leading solar panel supply and installation provider committed to providing the highest quality solar products and services. Our highly experienced and trusted team of solar panel installers will ensure that your system is installed quickly, efficiently and safely.


We offer comprehensive solar panel maintenance services that keep your systems running at peak efficiency for years to come. With top-notch expertise, My Solar Solution is your go-to source for reliable and cost-effective solar panel maintenance.

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