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20kw Hybrid Three Phase Solar System

Commercial Solution




Installing a complete solar solution package for your commercial property is the perfect way to invest in a more sustainable tomorrow. With 40 powerful solar panels that capture the sun's energy, a robust advanced three phase battery module, and a versatile hybrid inverter all included in your package, you're equipped with everything you need to make your business energy independent.


With our full installation service, you can be sure that all of the components have been installed correctly - giving you peace of mind. Stop dreaming about a greener future and make it happen now!

Included in this Solar Solution

40 x Half cell PERC panels

1 x 20kw Hybrid inverter

1 x 48kwh Three phase lithium battery module

1 x Wifi module

1 x PV Combiner box (4 Input & 4 Output)

PV Cable

Roof mounting system

Compatible MC4 connectors

Expert installation by My Solar Solution

  • Fully certified installation at competitive rates

  • Custom-designed system to meet your needs

  • 25 Year warranty

  • Complete peace of mind from order to installation

Talk to an expert at My Solar Solution Business today.

Buy this Solar Solution (Without Installation)



  • 25 Year warranty

  • Complete peace of mind from order to delivery

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