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My Solar Solution Business

Commercial & residential solar panel installations. 

About Us

At My Solar Solutions Business, we're your dedicated solar power partner, based in Bedford and serving businesses across the UK. We specialize in delivering customized solar solutions for both work-from-home and commercial properties. Our commitment to quality, nationwide service, and passion for sustainability sets us apart. Join us in making your business greener and more cost-efficient through the power of the sun.

We take pride in sourcing and supplying the highest quality solar panels, batteries, inverters, and accessories, ensuring that your investment in clean energy is built to last.

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For a Better Tomorrow

Now is the time to break free from traditional methods of electricity production and take advantage of the power of the sun! My Solar Solution Business offers premier solar solutions for commercial properties.


Reduce your carbon footprint and take part in the rise of renewable energy by investing in solar. With a comprehensive range of products available - from solar panels, storage batteries and inverters to full professional installation - going solar has never been easier.


Our goal at My Solar Solutions is to make the potential of solar power a reality for everyone.


We understand how vital renewable energy sources are and we are dedicated to providing access to clean, sustainable energy options that are both practical and affordable. Through our innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability, we can help pave the way for future generations by creating a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly world.


Invest in solar power now and make sure that renewable energy is available for years to come.


Our mission is to empower people everywhere with the opportunity to rely on solar power for their electricity needs.

Together, we can look forward to a brighter future.

Personalised Solutions

My Solar Solutions is your partner for finding the best solar solution. We understand that finding the right system can be overwhelming and confusing, so our team of energy experts take all the stress out of the equation by providing breakdowns that are tailored to suit your energy needs. You can trust us to deliver options that have been carefully selected - every recommendation we provide will keep both your long-term costs and environmental impact in check. Investing in My Solar Solutions’ personalised solutions today will leave you with a brighter future tomorrow.


Top Rated

Our commitment to providing top-rated solar panel and equipment solutions is second to none; we strive for perfection in all aspects of our service. From product selection to suppliers and installers, nothing but the top-rated quality is acceptable, so you know that when you use us to power your home or business, you are getting only the best products and services on the market. You can rest easy knowing that no matter what type of solar solution you choose, it will be backed by our promise of excellence.

Quality That Lasts

We believe that having a lasting energy solution shouldn't come with added stress. That's why all of our equipment and installations come with a minimum of a 10-year guarantee, giving you the assurance that whatever energy solution you choose is built to last. Now you can enjoy the efficiency and cost savings of renewable energy with the ultimate peace of mind. At My Solar Solutions, we strive to make your journey towards sustainable living easy and simple while also providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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Newlands Farm,

Astwood Road,


MK43 0AS


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