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Installing a complete solar solution package for your commercial property is the perfect way to invest in a more sustainable tomorrow. With 42 powerful solar panels that capture the sun's energy, 4 robust 48v 200Ah lithium batteries, and 2 versatile hybrid inverters all included in your package, you're equipped with everything you need to make your business energy-independent.


With our full installation service, you can be sure that all of the components have been installed correctly - giving you peace of mind. Stop dreaming about a greener future and make it happen now!


Included in this Solar Solution

42 x Half cell PERC panels

2 x 10kw Hybrid inverter

4 x 48V 200Ah lithium batteries

1 x Battery combiner box (4 input 2 output)

1 x Wifi module

1 x PV Combiner box (3 Input & 3 Output)

PV Cable

Roof mounting system

Compatible MC4 connectors

20kw Hybrid Single Phase Solar System

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